How YOU can get involved (and why).

100 Women in Finance has grown organically from a single New York City location to 32 spanning four continents. Thanks to our members and volunteers, we connect more women in finance than we ever thought possible 20 years ago. Our members are the reason why we continue to broaden our scope.

To take forward our initiatives in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, we are looking for 100WF members in each location to join our local working groups. Being on a working group can be a great platform to increase your personal professional network, build your skills and increase your visibility in the industry.

Here’s what you can do to help us actively build out our mission in Africa:


Encourage colleagues based in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa or elsewhere in Africa to join 100WF here (complete step 1).


Serve on a 100WF location Working Group if you are a 100WF member in the financial services industry who is based in Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa.


Support our region-focused programming, regardless of where you live. Our 2021 programs will include industry focused sessions and a series of career interviews between female students in Africa and women in the finance industry in Africa.

  • Suggest speakers you would like to hear from or topics that you would like to hear about.
  • Apply to lead an Africa focused virtual round table and networking session.


Help us make connections with firms, organizations, universities and individuals in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, and across Africa that might be interested in 100WF.

“Looking back, I never could have imagined that 100WF would become such a fixture of my career and my own personal development. The value of such a dynamic peer network has enabled me to remain in pace with industry developments, given me plentiful opportunities to engage directly as a volunteer and overall, to be better connected.

It has been both personally and professionally rewarding to participate, share, learn, and collaborate in a community context. For all of us peer networking has never been more important, and thankfully through the dedicated staff and volunteers at 100WF, more available.”

Rajmeet Bhatti

M&G plc

“Early in my career, my manager strongly encouraged me to join 100 Women in Finance. I took his advice and never looked back. Very quickly it became apparent that this organization provided the opportunity for me to build my network of peers, senior leaders and younger mentees. It made me stronger, more confident, wiser, more experienced and better equipped to achieve my professional and personal goals. I have benefitted from the deep friendships and mentorships that contributed to the professional I am today.

100 Women in Finance has provided me with an invaluable resource to lean on in order to achieve my full potential. I am honoured and grateful to be part of such a phenomenal organisation.”

Yulia Galasyuk


“I’ve relied on the members and the opportunities – both in-person and virtual – that 100WF provides to its members. This has included: connecting issues with real people, gaining a fresh perspective on industry issues, sharing ideas and collaborating with peers and cultivating new meaningful professional relationships and in many cases some life-long friendships.

The value of such a dynamic peer network has enabled me to remain in pace with industry developments, given me plentiful opportunities to engage directly as a volunteer and overall, to be better connected.”

100WF Member and Volunteer


100 Women in Finance has been instrumental to my career and professional development. The regular educational and networking events have been a great opportunity to meet likeminded women in the industry, learn about important market trends and expand my professional network. I am thankful for the Next Gen group in supporting women starting out in their careers in finance to connect with peers and attend targeted events on relevant topics

Maya Aweida